Name and Location:

Mangaung Intermodal Transport Facility: Phase I & II, Bloemfontein, Free State



Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality


Project Description:

The brief demanded the design a facility which will link all modes of public transport. A much needed transport hub for a rapidly growing infrastructure.

The building complex is juxtaposed around a prominent central circulation corridor with a north-south orientation with the main library functions located on the eastern side and the supporting services on the western side of it.  The separation of these functions ensures a smooth flow of users and personnel through the building complex. 

Practicality was the main catalyst for the design as it needed to be durable and accommodate maximum number of minibus taxis. Phase I caters for long haul taxis and Phase II for short distance taxis, meter taxis, long haul coaches, local bus liners and trains. A retail component as well as hawking facilities was added to generate funding for maintenance. The brutalist design style reflects the building's durability and displays a sense of permanence in contrast to the traditional steel canopy taxi rank.

Material choice was influenced by the historic Bloemfontein Power Station which has an encompassing presence as a backdrop as well as other historically important surrounding structures.



The project has an price tag of about R400 Million.

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